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A new approach to getting and staying active

'Snacktivity' is doing small, but frequent, bouts of regular moderate-intensity physical activity (called 'activity snack'), so that you build up at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. This is what the NHS recommend as a minimum weekly physical activity goal.

About Snacktivity

The UK population has become less physically active and more sedentary, which we know is associated with diseases. To encourage people to be more physically active, we need to make physical activity goals easy to achieve and sustainable over time.

What is an 'Activity Snack'?

An 'activity snack' typically lasts between 2-5 minutes. Check out some of the examples below.

Man walking up flight of stairs

Taking the stairs

Woman lunging

Lunges at work

Bus waiting at a bus stop

Getting off the bus early

Business people in a walking meeting

Walking meetings

Snacktivity is for EVERYONE

  • People with disabilities
  • People who struggle to find time
  • People living with obesity
  • Elderly
  • Inactive people

About the Team

The Snacktivity brings together colleagues from, Loughborough University, Universities of Birmingham, Leicester, Edinburgh, and the Birmingham Community Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust and members of the public.


Meet the Team

Amanda Daley

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

My name is Amanda and I am the Chief Investigator for the Snacktivity project. This means I have overall responsibility for the research and staff working on the project

I am involved in lots of different research projects that are testing different lifestyle interventions to see if they get people more physically active and help them to lose weight. I also have an interest in women's health issues such as pregnancy and menopause.

Outside of work I am a keen runner and enjoy listening to music; my favourite radio show is Desert Island Disks. I also have a keen interest in British politics. I have a ten year old daughter called Bella who hopes to be a professional dancer once day.

Dale Esliger

Reader in Digital Health

My name is Dale and I am one of the Co-Investigators for the Snacktivity project. My main area of work will be with the SnackApp and the companion wearable device.

My research involves the measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviours and their physiological response using digital health technologies (wearables). I am also fortunate to have the role of Programme Director for an innovative/new MSc in Exercise as Medicine.

Outside of work I keep busy playing badminton and increasingly, cycling. I also love being active with my three kids doing a bit of anything and everything!

Lauren Sherar

Reader in Physical Activity & Public Health

My name is Lauren and I am a co-investigator on the Snacktivity project. I bring some experience and lots of passion around using technology to help positively change physical activity I am, however, a novice and reluctant tech user myself J

My research involves understanding the social, environmental and psychological factors that influence physical activity to inform interventions. I am passionate about getting research into practice. I have piloted and tested interventions in schools, communities, workplace and hospitals.

Outside of work I enjoy running, cycling, cooking (well mainly eating) and anything outdoors. I am a mum of three children and a part-time mum to a dog, Sadey (check out borrowmydoggy.com)

Julie Isherwood

Research Programme Administrator

My name is Julie Isherwood I am responsible for providing PA administration to Professor Amanda Daley Chief Investigator, day to day and finance administration to the Snacktivity Programme. Support key researchers with management/progress of related projects and associated activities. Organise, attend meetings, take minutes.

Prior to working at Loughborough University, I worked for the NHS for 27 years in various administrative roles.

I have 3 children, 24, 22 & 9. When I am not working I enjoy Tae Kwon Do, walking, baking and spending time with my family.

James Sanders

Senior Research Associate

Hi I'm James. I am one of the Senior Research Associates working on the Snacktivity Programme. My background is in utilising Digital Health Technology for Lifestyle behaviour change. In other words, seeing if Fitbits make people more active and therefore healthier. So my main role in this programme is to develop the Snackapp and wearable tracker which will be used in the intervention.

Outside of work, I am recently married and enjoying married life very much. I enjoy watching and playing football and I am an avid Arsenal fan (for my sins!). I enjoying reading, cooking and growing my own vegetables, they help me to relax and are a useful distraction

Kajal Gokal

Senior Research Associate

My name is Kaj, I am a Senior Research Associate on the Snacktivity Project. It's my responsibility to support Amanda with planning and conducting the studies. This includes making sure that the research we do is ethical. I am also involved in developing the materials for the project including public surveys and the digital intervention.

I have developed and tested a number of interventions to help encourage healthier lifestyles. I am passionate about getting people more active to both prevent and manage a cancer diagnosis.

Outside of work I enjoy keeping active and love body combat, weight training and Pilates. I also enjoy reading, escaping to hot countries and spending time with my family! :)

Anna Chalkley

Senior Research Associate

Hi I'm Anna and I am the Senior Research Associate leading the Snacktivity Think Aloud study. I get to speak to all of the health practitioners and participants to find out what they think of the Snacktivity project and its resources, and how we can make it even better.

I have been involved with lots of different research projects that promote physical activity and try to improve people's health. I am particularly interested in children and young people's health and helping to develop a love for being active. Afterall, it is something that everyone can be excellent at.

When I am not working I really enjoy playing squash and play for a couple of local teams in the county leagues. I also love music and going to see live bands and gigs.

Magdalena Skrybant

Patient and Public Involvement & Engagement Lead

I am the Public Involvement Lead for Snacktivity. It's my responsibility to ensure that we work in partnership with members of the public throughout the Snacktivity Inputs from public contributors are invaluable: they help us to ensure that everything we do on the project is acceptable to people who are invited to take part in the project. . I make sure that our Public Advisory Group are kept up-to-date with the project and that we evaluate and report how we involve people throughout the project.

I am also the Public Involvement Lead for the Applied Research Collaborations West Midlands. Before taking on the role, I was a public contributor on a range of research projects, contributing my knowledge and experiences of living with several autoimmune conditions.

My seven year old daughter takes up most of my spare time but when I do get a moment to myself, I enjoy reading. I will read pretty much anything, but I have a love of Russian literature and a 'keen' interest in Communist history.

Ryan Griffin

Senior Trial Manager

My name is Ryan and I am the Senior Trial Manager for the Snacktivity study (WP3). I am based at the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit.

I have worked on a number of clinical trials over the years, ranging from weight loss trials to trials focussing on the delivery of babies!

Outside of work I enjoy supporting my home town football club Leicester City and trying to keep fit mainly by running or playing football.

Jonah Thomas

PhD Student

My name is Jonah and I am a PhD student working on the Snacktivity project. My main areas of interest are the use of Digital Health technologies (Fitbits etc) and how these can be utilised to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour.

My role is to contribute towards the creation of the Snack App and companion wearable device. My main interest is ensuring that the snacks performed can be accurately detected and appropriate/meaningful feedback can be delivered.

I enjoy watching any and all sports and spent a large amount of time at university playing volleyball.

Ben Maylor

Research Associate

My name is Ben Maylor and I am a lifestyle researcher based at the University of Leicester. My role for the Snacktivity project is to co-ordinate and analyse all of the wrist-worn devices that are used to measure behaviour for the study.

I am involved in several other research projects which test how effective interventions are at reducing sedentary behaviour. I also spend time working on developing new ways we interpret the data provided by research-grade accelerometers so that we better understand the effects of behaviour on health outcomes.

Outside of work I am an avid gym-goer and play rugby for my local team. I also like to take my 2 dogs (both puggles) out for walks in the countryside.

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